In this video...I talk about what really motivates investors. Usually, people are buying (or in my case investing) their way "out" of something. For example when passive investors invest in one of my deals I usually discover the reason they are investing in my deal is to earn R.O.I. that they ARE NOT getting on other investments. This causes investors concern for their financial future and look to alternative investments like real estate to boost their overall portfolio returns. When I was a broker, I usually won the business because my unique approach to selling real estate fetched the highest price the market would bear in the shortest time frame possible...

[Training] You Are One Deal Away...

This could be the best 20 minutes you've spent on your financial future in learning WHY commercial real estate investing may be right for you and HOW you can invest in your first (small if desired) property.
  • Discover WHY commercial real estate is such a good alternative investment
  • How to determine the right CRE strategy given your goals
  • The process to find the right opportunity and how to evaluate it
  • How to negotiate and structure a "risk-free" offer
  • The feasibility analysis of the real estate investment
  • The process to close the transaction and transition ownership
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