YOU HAVE IN YOUR HANDS MARKETING UTOPIALETS GO BACK TO THE 90’S WHERE THE BIG DISCOVERY WAS THE FAX MACHINE... I was thrown into an office with a phone book as a 23 year old broker and told sink or swim with no broker training systems.  Chances of failure were very high.
The brokerage shop was full of twenty something’s pounding the phones every day trying to get past the receptionist and talk with the decision maker about his or hers real estate needs.

In the rare event we got past the gate keeper, most often the person who took my call wanted to know what the building down the road sold for or a free appraisal.

Don’t get me wrong those were valuable discussions but rarely generated a quality lead. Once they got the information they wanted it was very tough to have the "next" conversation.  Multiply this by numerous owners I had a lot of time invested on the phone trying to qualify prospects.

So after a while, I really go to thinking about how I can spend my time wisely.  For the amount of time I was spending pounding the phones and getting little to no results there had to be a better way. So this is the first time I embraced the identity what everyone else is doing and do the opposite mentality.  The epiphany I had was that these affluent people could care less who I was, they didn't necessarily want a relationship with me rather a relationship with the information I could provide that would add value to their real estate situation. 

Your accolades and accomplishments don't matter any more. All your prospects care about is getting their challenges solved as fast as possible.  That's attractive to them!

So I decided to aggregate the industrial opportunities that were available in my market and put a report on gold paper together and deliver it by hand to the businesses. 

Then walked industrial parks door to door and tried to get past the gate keeper which I did way more often than when I called.  More often than not I didn't get past the receptionist and asked if I could leave behind the report highlighting the very valuable information about local commercial real estate the decision maker NEEDS to see. I then asked for the card of the person who made decision about real estate and I would say that 75% of the time I got it.

Once a month I sent a broadcast a fax about industrial real estate to demonstrate the expertise I had. The next quarter, I delivered another Industrial Report and sometimes also sent a highlighted property. My goal was to visit each and every user in my farm area twice a year but follow up with a broadcast fax every quarter.   If I was not able to meet with them in addition to the gold report I gave the gatekeeper a file folder with a label that read “Real Estate” with my business card stapled to it.

One of the few last industries where cold calling could
 still works is real estate.  A better solution is to warm up prospects using online & offline methods before
 you call them for the first time. 

After a couple months my cold calling was dying a slow painful death, I started getting responses from these marketing efforts. This was what these reports were designed to do. Get qualified prospects to call me about the report and how I could help with their real estate needs. If they took the time to respond to me, I knew there was a high probability that there is a legitimate real estate need. 

Soon the Internet and email entered the picture and I designed web sites to deliver more content to my audience and introduced emal marketing. I was very careful to use a combination of online and off line marketing channels – media to deliver my message.

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