How I Built a 8 Figure Real Estate Business Using One Marketing Funnel

by Dan Genzel



Dan Genzel

Most real estate entrepreneurs I talk to tell me they know they should be doing more marketing but they’re not getting it done either because they don’t have the time due to an inefficient system or they just have not acquired the skills (I've experienced both in my career).What you’re about to read is going to give you total clarity. It’s going to show you how to make attracting leads, converting more prospects and automating it easier.Yes, it will be a challenge but i promise worth it. I will simplify it and eliminate wasted effort second-guessing.

Why should you listen to me?

  • Since 1998, my real estate company has acquired, developed and managed $85,000,000.00 worth of investment real estate
  • I’ve raised and placed debt and equity capital for 30 real estate partnerships
  • I’ve assigned deals to other investors that didn’t fit my idea acquisition profile.
  • I’ve acted as the buyers/sellers and leasing broker for hundreds of commercial and investment real estate deals
  • I spend my own money to market my business and practice what I preach.

AND...I do all of this using very little staff, enjoying my life, and getting remarkable results for my clients. In fact, as the title of this report says......we do it ALL with just ONE simple marketing funnel. If your primary goal is to get more CLIENTS and make more MONEY...there is a MUCH shorter path. I want predictable for you. If your income isn’t predictable, you can’t have freedom, because you can’t plan your life. You never know what’s coming down the pipe.

The best way to create a marketing funnel is by having the end in mind.  We then lay out the path to achieve your that goal.  Along the way we create IF THIS - THEN THAT logic step by step.

The secret to consistent marketing is to be producing good quality content that can be distributed on an evergreen basis. What does evergreen mean? It means that you don’t need to always be re-creating content. We will talk about recycling and repurposing your content later. You also probably know that you should be regularly communicating with your leads using an educational approach – what I call indoctrinating them.

The reason you struggle to do all of this is due to ONE THING…You don’t have a system. The marketing system is the most important system any business can have – it’s the one that generates money. The mistake most real estate entrepreneurs make is setting up their marketing and automation without a strategy.  Cutting to the chase, here's what you'll need and what's the backbone of my company:

  • A Point and Click Landing Page that delivers a lead magnet that offers massive value to your prospective client and gives them irresistible intrigue.
  • A Few Phenomenal Blog posts that radically shift your prospects understanding of their problem you solve and the right way to do it.
  • A Few Phenomenal Short and Effective Videos (Case Studies, Testimonials or How To Do What You Do) The next best alternative to meeting with you is seeing you on video.
  • An Authority Client Centric Website. Clients don't really care much about you, what awards you won, where you did or didn't go to school. Leave that to LinkedIn. They care about solving business challenges.
  • Social Media Channels (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Email marketing on Steroids that indoctrinates (educates) your prospects. The emails will get the attention of the people that have a need now and will nurture those who will develop that need down the road.
  • An Effective Call to Action CTA. Whatever action you want the prospect to take to become your client, customer, or investor. For example if you want them to schedule a call with you to talk about their real estate, or fill out a loan application or download an offering memorandum.
Your lead generation system, your prospect nurture system & your process to win opportunities all sits on top of a client centric digital platform that's all about the right prospects outcomes.

How much would your life change if – every single day – your ideal clients were reaching out to work with you?I promise that by using marketing automated funnels, you’ll have more clarity than you have ever had about your business...and you’ll have a roadmap for scaling that business as far as you want to...You’ll finally be able to see how all the pieces fit together.

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  • How to determine the right CRE strategy given your goals
  • The process to find the right opportunity and how to evaluate it
  • How to negotiate and structure a "risk-free" offer
  • The feasibility analysis of the real estate investment
  • The process to close the transaction and transition ownership
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