I'm Dan Genzel...

I Help Entrepreneurs & Affluent Investors Implement Wealth Creation Strategies Using Commercial Real Estate Investments Most Won't...To Enjoy Financial Security and Have the Legacy Most Can't
With over 20 years of back-tested results in commercial real estate and private equity market cycles through the lens of a entrepreneur , small business owner and investor, I help driven entrepreneurs, business owners and affluent investors achieve the wealth diversification they've been search for by deploying capital into investment & commercial real estate often starting with one small deal...making financial insecurity a thing of the past.
CompaNy Founded

Why Commercial
Real Estate?

There is no other business where a group of people (tenants in YOUR investment property) come together every month (via the written leases) to in effect pay (via rent) YOUR property expenses (including amortizing mortgage) and then hand over to YOU what's left over (cash flow) to do with as YOU please...all while these same people pay off YOUR building in about 20 years leaving a free and clear asset.

Because you are a successful entrepreneur, business owner or investor YOU CAN become wildly successful commercial real estate investor. You know how to drive revenue, control expenses, create and follow process and generate R.O.I. You are one small deal away!
Why I Became A Commercial Real Estate Investor
History Begins
 Since 1999, I've had the pleasure of completing hundreds of real estate transactions on behalf of myself and my private clients, borrowed & repaid tens of millions of dollars in loans and have raised millions in equity from those who wanted to invest alongside me. You should also know, as much as I am proud of all my accolades, equally important are the scars on my back received along the journey. 

Today, in addition to building and managing my commercial real estate assets, I have choose to diversify my income and have built a real estate advisory business. This made much more sense to me that going out to buy a sub franchise! 
You Are One Small Commercial Real Estate Deal Away from A Path of Financial Freedom?
There are many misconceptions about commercial real estate...so let me show you the truth on why one small commercial real estate investment can put you on a path of financial freedom. I work best with:

1. Business owners looking to diversify wealth specifically taking advantage of an untapped real estate opportunity (not available to most) that is probably right underneath your chair
2. Affluent investors who want to allocate capital into professionally managed cash flowing commercial real estate with impressive annual returns...plus upside
3. Successful real estate professionals interested in building their own wealth and generating more fees putting their own deals together using mostly other people's money.