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I started my career as a commercial real estate  intern - then broker in the late 90s.  Truth be told - I was the worst intern.  I wanted to jump into doing deals right away and wasn't real focused on doing the "little" things an intern normally does.  I worked with as many brokers as I could - took the good and left the bed and formed my own way.  I quickly learned the business was all about marketing! I subsequently earned the coveted CCIM designation in 2002 which is has been touted as an MBA in commercial real estate.  After doing hundreds of transactions on behalf of others, I wanted to be on the other side of the table. 

I remember it like it was yesterday, I put my first real estate syndication hand was literally shaking at the closing table.  Since then, I have structured 30 wildly successful multi-million dollar real estate acquisitions and developments where I have delivered my investors above market returns 100% of the time...averaging appreciation of over 26%.

When you get really good at something people seek you out.  In 2012 my advisory business was born and on a select basis I help established real estate entrepreneurs and investors implement strategies to accomplish their desired outcomes using a done with your approach.

Today, I spend my time doing deals, managing assets and helping others with their businesses and investments.

The amount of resources someone will invest in you is in direct proportion to how confident they are that you'll be able to achieve desired results.

Dan Genzel